Bioprocessing films with superior reliability and biocompatibility

Quality and reliability you can trust

The cornerstone of single-use technologies is reliable film for your bioprocessing containers (BPCs). Thermo Scientific Aegis film is designed to support healthy cell growth and provide the ideal balance of strength and flexibility to help meet your upstream and downstream needs.

Superior reliability and biocompatibility, backed by decades of experience
  • Exceptional strength and leak resistance to minimize product loss—0.01% leak rate outperforms industry averages
  • Demonstrated biocompatibility and low cytotoxicity to support healthy cell growth—fluid contact layer is free of Irgafos® 168 stabilizer, which has been shown to affect cell growth with certain cell clones
  • Low leachable and extractable profiles to support end-product purity and quality—extensive extractable and leachable analysis performed, aligned with current BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) guidelines
  • No PFAS—there are no PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, in Aegis films
Consistent quality and unparalleled leak integrity
Aegis film is engineered to meet the most demanding requirements of your bioproduction processes
Film for application across your workflow
Save time with simplified validation
Largest single-use manufacturing network
Simplified user experience


Aegis film is a versatile film with applications across the workflow, from mixing and holding process liquids to media bags and housing the cell culture. Gibco media and supplements are available in bioprocessing containers made with Aegis film.


Consistent film across the workflow allows you to save time with a simplified validation and qualification experience.


This supports scale-up needs with bioprocessing container bags available from 50 mL to 5,000 L.

Supply assurance

Excellent lead times enabled by the largest single-use manufacturing network, with in-region manufacturing that flexes with market demand.


Experience customer partnership and expertise across the workflow to support optimizing your process.

Aegis films - simplified user experience

Thoughtfully designed physical properties for exceptional quality, purity, and biocompatibility

  • Polyester—gas permeable layer provides wear and abrasion resistance and strength
  • Tie—binds dissimilar layers together
  • EVOH—gas barrier prevents oxygen from transmitting through the film and supports liquid stability
  • PE—inert product contact layer with low extractables helps prevent liquid from being affected by the film
For exceptional quality and biocompatibility

Aegis film is featured on the following products

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Bioprocessing film optimized to your processes

We have spent decades optimizing our processes and have developed advanced manufacturing techniques that are purpose-designed, custom-built, and focused on process improvement.

Beyond Aegis, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers several additional films including CX5-14, ASI 26/77, and ASI 28.

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