Clear fill finish bag system with tubing and needles

Maximize drug product recovery

The Thermo Scientific Fill Finish solution offers a complete, configurable solution for BioPharma and CDMOs looking to maximize drug product recovery. With industry-leading integrity assurance, excellent lead times, and a range of easy-to-use, single-use consumables for compounding, final filtration, and final fill applications, you can enable high product quality while optimizing your workflow. Customizable and engineered-to-order, the Fill Finish Solution provides a complete solution to help finish application needs.  

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Single-use assemblies featuring:

Designed with maximizing drug product recovery in mind, the Fill Finish Solution offers key features:

  • Maximum product recovery and optimal drainage with Labtainer Pro BioProcess Container design
  • Minimize the risk of leaks  and simplify set up with BioTitan Retention Device
  • Integrity assurance featuring 100% helium tested surge bag
  • Exceptional lead times due to standard and configurable product design 
  • Proven, high-quality film featuring leading single-use Aegis 5-14 film 
Close up of clear bag with red filling and red tubing

The Fill Finish product family provides configurable, single-use assemblies from a standard component catalog for drug product final fill application. Products include compounding assemblies, final filtration, and filling needle assemblies.

Compounding assembly

  • Buffer to compounding BPC
  • Compounding to holding BPC
  • Bioburden reduction filter assembly

Filtration assembly

  • Double sterilization filter assembly

Filling assembly

  • Beta bag
  • Drug surge bag
  • Tubing assembly
  • Filling needle
Clear Fill Finish bag system with tubing and needles

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