Artificial intelligence takes cell counting to a higher level

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers two high-performance, automated cell counters designed to help meet the needs of labs for accurate and precise cell counting without the drudgery, wasted time, subjectivity, and variability of manual hemocytometer counting. Developed by expert cell biologists with the aid of artificial intelligence, the Invitrogen Countess 3 and Countess 3 FL instruments are almost a paradox: automated cell counters that think like a cell biologist.


Countess 3 Automated Cell Counters help provide highly accurate and precise counts in brightfield and fluorescence mode counts, enabling single cell workflows and nuclei counting, even for challenging cell sample types. Automated features like rapid capture, autosave, and built-in calculators add convenience and time savings. Whether you’ve been counting cells manually or using an early-generation automated counter, the Countess 3 cell counters represent a significant upgrade in counting accuracy and workflow efficiency.  Both the Countess 3 and Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counters are available to help support compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 FDA guidelines and uses a security, audit, and electronic-signature (SAE) software.

Single-cell analysis with the Countess system

Explore our latest application note focusing on the counting of single cells and nuclei for scRNA-Seq and scATAC-Seq.  Enhance your research with precise single cell counting and viability assessment. 

Capabilities of automated cell counting

Don’t doubt the cell count

Algorithms developed by cell biologists and refined using artificial intelligence offer the accuracy of hemocytometer counts and the precision of flow cytometer counts—without the expense or training required by flow cytometry.

3D Interactive Virtual Tour

Interact with a virtual Countess instrument to help seamlessly navigate through every feature and function, gain a deeper understanding of its capabilities.  Experience the Countess Automated Cell Counter right from your computer.

Rich fluorescence applications

Go beyond simple cell counting to advanced viability, apoptosis, transfection efficiency, florescent protein expression and more with the help of Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter using florescent reagents in as few as 30 seconds.

Fast cell counting for safety

Helps getting in and out of the cell culture lab quickly to avoid crowded, busy labs and transmission of infectious diseases. The touchscreen is flush with the console and easy to disinfect. Many automated features enable fast cell counts so cell culture work can be completed more quickly.

Go green with Countess Reusable Slides

Compatible with both convenient disposable slides and the environmentally friendly, economical Countess Reusable Slide.  Make a positive impact on the planet while maintaining efficiency in your lab.


Say goodbye to manual cell counting!

Tired of the tedium? View the video, send the letter, and sign the petition to convince your lab to put an end to manual cell counting forever. Let us help streamline your lab processes and embrace the future of cell counting together.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.