Which mouse T cell isolation product is right for you?

  Affordable & pure, flow-compatible cells   Highest purity for molecular assays   Untouched—most physiological relevant cells
Isolation method Positive isolation   Depletion or positive isolation   Negative isolation
Starting samples Any sample (whole blood, spleen, lymph node)   Any sample (whole blood, spleen, lymph node)   Spleen, lymph node cells*
# cells processed 2 x 109 cells   1–2 x 109 cells   1 x 109 cells
Purity Higher >90%   Higher >90%   High >85%
Yield Standard >55%   Highest >95%   High >70%
Viability >90%   >90%   >90%
Isolation time ~60min   ~30 min   ~50 min
Isolation temperature cold   cold   cold
Applications Cellular assays (cell culture, cell activation/proliferation, cytokine studies) or molecular isolation of proteins & nucleic acids   Depletion of unwanted T cells or positive isolation for molecular isolation of proteins & nucleic acids   Cellular applications for physiological studies (functional studies, adoptive transfer, flow analysis, or further sorting)
Bead-free target cells Yes (but antibody present)   No   No
Compatible with flow cytometry /flow sorting Yes   No   Yes
Shelf life from production date 2 years   3 years   3 years
Required materials Magnets   Magnets   Magnets
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* Lyse the red cells prior to use to improve the purity

Learn more about our mouse T cell isolation kits

Dynabeads FlowComp Mouse Pan T

The Dynabeads FlowComp Mouse Pan T kit allows you to isolate flow-compatible mouse Pan T (CD90.2+) cells from splenocytes or lymph node cells. Immediately after positive isolation, the beads are released and removed from the cell sample. This avoids any influence of the beads to the cells. The sample cells will not be exposed to the stress of being passed through a column. The result is purity levels of 96-99% of mouse Pan T cells.

Dynabeads Mouse Pan T

Dynabeads Mouse Pan T (Thy 1.2) are magnetic beads that isolate or deplete mouse T cells directly from any sample including whole blood, tissue digests such as spleen or lymph nodes, bone marrow, and mononuclear cells (MNC). Achieve rapid isolation of mouse T cells from any sample with no columns required.

Dynabeads Untouched Mouse T Cells Kit

Dynabeads Untouched Mouse T Cells contains magnetic beads and an Antibody Mix to deplete all leucocytes from mouse spleen or lymph node cells, leaving only the target mouse T cells. The negatively isolated, untouched mouse T cells are pure, viable, and ready to use in any downstream application.