Molecular Probes brand fluorescent products are recognized the world over as key components for quality fluorescent images, both in our publications and in yours. Many reagents and imaging refinements go into the production of a biologically relevant and informative image. After the use of functional probes, labels, and counterstains, additional tools are often needed to achieve a stunning cellular image.

Use these reagents to enhance your image quality:

Fixed-Cell Imaging Reagents

 To expedite cell fixation and permeabilization, we’ve developed pre-packaged Molecular Probes reagent kits with optimized workflows for common procedures including:
  • Sample fixation and cell permeabilization
  • Signal enhancement
  • Reducing photobleaching

Live-Cell Imaging Reagents


The choice of medium is particularly important for time-lapse imaging and experiments where cells are exposed to ambient conditions for longer periods.

Removing the labeling solution and rinsing with fresh medium will help reduce the background for cells you want to continue culturing.

Microscope Calibration Reagents

 Regular instrument calibration and adjustment are required for high-precision imaging of fluorescent probes, particularly in multicolor applications such as confocal laser scanning microscopy that involve multiple exposures, repetitive scans, or three-dimensional sectioning. We offer a range of Molecular Probes calibration products to help you achieve optimum performance from your imaging system:
  • Dye standards
  • InSpeck intensity calibration beads
  • FocalCheck calibration beads
  • FocalCheck test slides
  • TetraSpeck microspheres
  • FluoCells prepared slide
Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.