Nozzles, consumables, spectral software, and reagents for the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter

Accessories for continued operation of the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter include interchangeable nozzles, QC beads, and sheath fluid. Choose among a wide selection of fluorophores and functional dyes to identify, sort, and analyze cell populations. Add a Sasquatch software upgrade to support advanced analysis for spectral flow cytometry. Spectral unmixing capability is not available for all configurations. Please review options with your sales representative.


With the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter, you can choose from 70-, 100-, 120-, and 150-µm ceramic nozzle tips with adjustable pressure settings. A swap tip wizard simplifies setup of the nozzle tips.

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Bigfoot QC Beads, stored in their own vial in the multi-sample loader, are essential for daily QC of the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter, while Bigfoot Sheath Fluid is used to focus the hydrodynamic stream.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific offers many reagents suitable for flow cytometry across several families of products. Choose from a broad selection of fluorophores that are conjugated to your marker of choice, or a range of functional dyes illuminating viability, DNA content, apoptosis, cell cycle, proliferation, and more.


We offer a full range of Brilliant Ultra Violet™ and Brilliant Violet™ Polymer Dyes for superior performance in high-parameter panels. With our polymer dyes, you are completely covered for UV and Violet channel needs.


Our line of NovaFluor dyes is specifically designed for higher resolution in high-parameter immunophenotyping panels, with narrow excitation ranges for minimal cross-laser excitation. They can lessen the need for compensation in conventional experiments and can reduce panel complexity in spectral flow cytometry experiments.

Selected available fluorophores based on usage, benefits, and intended applications

Invitrogen fluorophore
Organic dyes—
small, stable
• FITC is cost-efficient
Pacific dyes
• Some of the dimmest dyes Pacific Blue
Pacific Orange
Alexa Fluor dyes
• Photostable dyes that range across the visible spectrum
• Used in flow cytometry and imaging
• Named for their excitation wavelengths
Alexa Fluor 405
Alexa Fluor 488
Alexa Fluor 532
Alexa Fluor 561
Alexa Fluor 647
Alexa Fluor 660
Alexa Fluor 700
eFluor organic dyes • Engineered for detection for flow cytometry
• Named for their emission wavelength
eFluor 450
eFluor 506
eFluor 660
Large, protein‐based
• Cost-efficient
• Some of the brightest dyes available
Tandem dyes • Dyes occupy different channels from the donor molecule, and this can be used to build larger panels APC-Cyanine5
PE-Cyanine5 (TRI-COLOR)
PE–Texas Red
PE–Alexa Fluor 610
PE–Alexa Fluor 700
APC–Alexa Fluor 750
PE–eFluor 610
PerCP–eFluor 710
APC–eFluor 780
Polymer dyes Super Bright dyes and their tandems • Excited by the 405 nm violet laser
• Minimal spillover into other channels
• Add Super Bright Complete Staining Buffer (Cat. No. SB-4401-42) when using two or more polymer dyes to lower background levels
Super Bright 436
Super Bright 600
Super Bright 645
Super Bright 702
Super Bright 780
Polymer dyes—
recent dye
Invitrogen eBioscience Brilliant Violet™ and Brilliant Ultra Violet™ dyes • Excited by the violet and ultra violet lasers
• Invitrogen Brilliant Stain Buffer (Cat. No. 00-4409-75) when using two or more polymer dyes to lower background levels
Brilliant Ultra Violet 395
Brilliant Ultra Violet 496
Brilliant Ultra Violet 563
Brilliant Ultra Violet 615
Brilliant Ultra Violet 661
Brilliant Ultra Violet 737
Brilliant Ultra Violet 805
Brilliant Violet 421
Brilliant Violet 480
Brilliant Violet 650
Brilliant Violet 786
Quantum dots 
• Narrow emission
• Large Stokes shift
Qdot 605
Qdot 655
Qdot 705
Qdot 800
NovaFluor dyes DNA nanostructure-based dyes
• Unique spectral signatures
• Variable brightness
• Low cross-laser excitation
• Named for the exciting laser and emission spectrum
NovaFluor Blue 510
NovaFluor Blue 530
NovaFluor Blue 555
NovaFluor Blue 585
NovaFluor Blue 610-30S
NovaFluor Blue 610-70S
NovaFluor Blue 660-40S
NovaFluor Blue 660-120S
NovaFluor Yellow 570
NovaFluor Yellow 590
NovaFluor Yellow 610
NovaFluor Yellow 660
NovaFluor Yellow 690
NovaFluor Yellow 700
NovaFluor Yellow 730
NovaFluor Red 660
NovaFluor Red 685
NovaFluor Red 700
NovaFluor Red 710

For detailed information on selecting fluorophores, assays, and reagents for spectral flow cytometry, including a featured webinar, a reagent selection guide, and an interactive spread matrix for selected lasers, see our article on Spectral Flow Cytometry Assays and Reagents.

Spectral software upgrade

Sasquatch Software (SQS) comes standard with all Bigfoot Spectral Cell Cytometers.


In addition, Spectral Sorting and Analysis for SQS is an optional software upgrade for spectral flow cytometry. The module provides spectral sorting capabilities using up to 55 fluorescence detectors for resolution of 30 or more colors.

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Brilliant Ultra Violet™ and Brilliant Violet™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Becton, Dickinson and Company or its affiliates, and is used under license.

Not for resale. Super Bright Polymer Dyes are sold under license from Becton, Dickinson and Company.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.