Online and downloadable materials for the Bigfoot Cell Sorter

The manuals, brochures, white papers, downloads, webinars, videos, and other resources in this section will help you get the most out of your Bigfoot Cell Sorter.


FREE—Flow Cytometry Panel Design Service and Panel Builder Tool

Our scientists will design panels for you as many times you need—free of charge, no product purchase needed.

Fluorescence Spectra Viewer

Assess the spectral compatibility of dyes and probes for experiments that utilize fluorescence detection techniques.

Quick guides to fluorophore and reagent selection

Select the right fluorophores and reagents for your application with these quick guides.

Flow and Sorting Article Collection

Get the latest in flow cytometry and cell sorting innovation, through these collection of articles.



Documentation and literature

Fluorophore and reagent selection guide for flow cytometry

A handy reference poster featuring the broad range of our dyes and labeling reagents available

Key features:

  • Recommended dyes for your flow cytometer based on lasers and detection channels settings.
  • Dye recommendation for UV, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Near IR lasers.
  • Checkout our specials-Brilliant Ultra VioletTM, Brilliant VioletTM and NovaFluor dyes; more dyes for spectral needs.

Flow Cytometry Protocols Handbook

Protocols that fit your needs in flow cytometry ranging from sample preparation to numerous cell stimulation conditions, staining, immunophenotyping and data analysis strategies.



Investigating flow cytometry instrument capabilities to maximize your research

The 40-page Flow Cytometer Evaluation Guide will enable a better understanding of the components and capabilities of various flow cytometers for objective comparison of instruments from several manufacturers.



The Molecular Probes Handbook—A Guide to Fluorescent Probes and Labeling Technologies

The most complete reference on fluorescence labeling and detection available, this resource features extensive references and technical notes, and contains over 3,000 technology solutions representing a wide range of biomolecular labeling and detection reagents. 



Bigfoot User Group meeting presentations



Customer stories

"We welcomed the Bigfoot Sorter to Babraham Institute in late August 2020, and it soon became apparent that the Bigfoot Sorter was going to be a key piece of technology for our core facility. The designers of the Bigfoot engaged with expert core managers when designing the machine and this certainly shows now it’s in the lab. The machine is designed flexibly for a core facility. In fact, I call it the Swiss army knife of cytometers….


Automation is key for us. The automated startup, alignment, and QC on the Bigfoot Sorter is amazing—17 minutes from start to finish.… Automated startup saves us at least an hour a day. That is an hour’s more sorting that I can charge for in my core facility. That equates to 20 hours a month more capacity and more income into my facility…. The Bigfoot Sorter can run for hours with little intervention….


The Bigfoot Sorter has been built for the core facility. It’s quiet and it’s bijou. The machine is so incredibly quiet that sometimes we have to question whether it’s on and the hood is working. But we know it is! This makes working on the machine a dream, especially when you compare this to the long sorts my team have to do with ear defenders on whilst using other sorters which have separate hoods. What has impressed us most at Babraham is the size of the machine and its integrated hood. In fact, Bigfoot has a small footprint.”

Rachael Walker, Head of Flow Cytometry

Babraham Institute, Babraham, Cambridgeshire, England

Educational resources

Educational resources for the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter include an abundance of online materials on flow cytometry, fluorescence, and spectral analysis.

Flow Cytometry Learning Center

Among the many assets in our free online learning center you can find Spectral Flow Cytometry Fundamentals and Panel Design and Multicolor Flow Cytometry.

Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence

Developed by our in-house bench scientists, this guided learning is designed to help you rapidly learn the basics of fluorescence, imaging, and flow cytometry.

Flow Cytometry Fundamentals

This guided learning module contains an introduction to flow cytometry and explains how the optics, fluidics, and electronics inside a flow cytometer work together to generate data from a flowing stream of labeled cells.

Immunology at Work Resource Center

Access rich and reliable technical content designed for new and experienced life scientists alike. Practical guidance and protocols will help you get started quickly. Of particular interest is the Foundational Immunology section characterizing different types of immune cells.

Register your instrument

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