PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit

Pure. Sensitive. Concentrated.

  • Yields highly concentrated viral nucleic acids for greater sensitivity in detection—start with 500 µL of sample and elute in just 10 µL volume
  • One kit provides a complete solution for virus extraction—both RNA and DNA viruses can be extracted and concentrated
  • Spin column technology—achieve fast and easy purification with excellent reproducibility
  • Produces high-quality DNA and RNA— ideal for downstream applications such as real-time PCR and endpoint analysis

Choose the Kit That Best Suits Your Needs

  • The PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit accommodates starting volumes of up to 500 µL, and elution volumes as low as 10 µL
  • The PureLink® Pro 96 Viral RNA/DNA Kit can be used on a vacuum manifold or centrifuge, requires a minimum speed of just 2,250xg, and uses a bucket depth of only 50 mm, eliminating the need for high speed centrifugation with deep bucket rotors

Viral Extraction with the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit

One of the most difficult viruses to extract is HBV due to the rigid protein coat. Sensitive detection requires a strong lysis and pure DNA. To look at the ability of the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit to efficiently extract HBV virus, samples of infectious patient plasma were extracted side by side with plasma spiked with ZeptoMetrix's HBV nucliec acid test control (NATtrol™). HBV was detected in plasma samples diluted 1:100 from both patients (grey bars) and in NATtrol™ spiked samples (blue bars) (Figure 1).


PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit

  Figure 1. Equivalent Recovery of HBV in Patient Samples and Plasma Spiked with NATtrol™ Nucleic Acid Test Controls by ZeptoMetrix using PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit. HBV was extracted from infectious plasma containing 3 x 109 IU/mL and from ZeptoMetrix nucleic acid test standard (NATtrol™) for HBV containing 4 x 109 IU/mL using the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Kit. Recovery of HBV NATtrol™ was comparable to infectious virus in patient plasma. qPCR was performed using the Platinum® SYBR® Green qPCR SuperMix-UDG w/ROX. NATtrol™ spiked samples (grey bars), HBV infected plasma (blue bars).


Data provided by Carleen Pope, M.S. Senior Research Scientist, ZeptoMetrix Corporation. Visit www.zeptometrix.com for more information on NATtrol™ products.