Microarray Analysis

Microarrays are used to query samples for hundreds to thousands of nucleic acids simultaneously. There are many commercially available microarray platforms comprising the arrays themselves and instrumentation for acquiring and analyzing the data. Our research-use sample labeling products and reagents are designed to maximize data quality using a wide range of microarray analysis platforms.

For researchers studying microRNA and other noncoding RNA, including long noncoding RNA, we offer NCode™ arrays and reagents for microarray-based profiling of miRNA and ncRNA expression, and TaqMan® Megaplex Primer Pools and Microarrays for miRNA profiling using a real-time PCR approach.

Tools for Microarray-Based Research
Find the products you need for your microarray-based research. Our products for nucleic acid isolation, sample amplification and labeling, miRNA and noncoding RNA profiling, and results validation can help you get the best-quality data from your microarrays and verify your results. Select your area of interest to learn more.

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