GeneArt CRISPR Search and Design Tool

Instant access to over 600,000 pre-design CRISPR gRNAs

Search our database of >600,000 predesigned CRISPR guide RNAs (gRNAs) targeting human and mouse genes or analyze your sequence of interest for de novo gRNA designs using our proprietary algorithms. We provide up to 25 gRNA sequences per gene with recommendations based on potential off-target effects for each CRISPR sequence. Once you’ve selected the optimal gRNA designs, purchase your gRNAs and other recommended products for genome editing directly from the Web tool.

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Hands-on CRISPR training

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2). Once you are in a supported browser, you will need to log in one time only to the Thermo Fisher Cloud using your existing username and password. After your first visit to the CRISPR Search and Design tool, you will no longer be required to log in to the Cloud. 

  • You will be asked to verify your email address the first time you log in.
  • A verification request email will be sent to the email address on file for your online account. 
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  • Future visits to the GeneArt CRISPR Search and Design Tool will not require Thermo Fisher Cloud login. 
  • Be sure to bookmark the page for future reference.


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