Optimal TALEN design at the touch of a button

Design custom TAL effectors with ease and precision: introducing our new Invitrogen™ GeneArt™ TAL Effector Search and Design Tool. Quickly search our database of >600,000 predesigned TALENs targeting human and mouse genes. Use our TALEN in silico tool to find the optimal TALEN sequence for your genome editing goals.   

  • Once you’ve selected the optimal TAL Effector designs, you can purchase your designer TALENs and other recommended products for genome editing directly from the web tool.
  • Use this interface to search our database of >600,000 predesigned TALENs.
  • GeneArt™ TALs are optimized for gene knockout and typically target the first three transcribed exons of each gene.
  • Search results will include the top six TALEN sequences, potential binding sites, exon maps with TALEN locations, and recommendations based on potential off-target effects for each sequence.
  • New The tool will also design primers to be used with our GeneArt Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit, which is used to assess cleavage efficiency and confirm edited loci.

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