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As water is the universal solvent and used in nearly all laboratory applications, it must be free of impurities to help ensure that you obtain consistent results with your experiments. The Lab Water Source webinar series will discuss everything from the fundamentals of buying and maintaining a lab water system to ensuring the water meets your application needs.

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Discover the Myths and Truths of pH and Conductivity of Ultrapure Water

Why does the water purity displayed on an ultrapure water system not match the purity after dispensing? Should pure water be a neutral pH? We will debunk some ultrapure water myths and define how to properly measure the conductivity and pH of your lab water.

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Explore the Wild Side! Taming Water Impurity Problems in Trace Analysis

Learn how to counter potential problems caused by water impurities in HPLC, IC, LCMS, AA and IC trace analysis. Discover how specific impurities affect overall water quality and how to maintain your ultrapure water system.

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Optimize Your Success! Ion and Organic Free Water for Ultra-Sensitive Applications

Advances in analytical instrumentation have increased the detection sensitivity of trace ions and organics in lab water. With the ever-increasing demands, it is important to understand the challenges and solutions for obtaining ultrapure water for ultra-sensitive applications.

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Ready When You Are! Bacteria-, Endotoxin- and Nuclease-Free Water

This on-demand webinar discusses how to increase the efficiency of your lab by using water purification systems designed to remove specific impurities, including bacteria, endotoxins and nucleases.

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Protecting Your Investment: Proper Maintenance of Your Water System

This session is all about how to properly maintain your water purification system, including what needs to be maintained, typical change-out schedule, and more.

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Choosing the Right Water Purification System

The first step in choosing a water purification system is determining the type of water needed for your application. We'll review the various types of water and their ideal uses, deciding factors like purification technologies and budget, and the latest trends and innovations.

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Pure Water 101

This webinar will walk you through the common contaminants found in water and the technologies used to remove them. We'll also explore the various types of lab water and their ideal uses.

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