SkanIt Microplate Reader Software

The all-in-one plate reader control and analysis software.

Learn more about the powerful, intuitive Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software that drives Thermo Scientific microplate readers. It is a user-friendly, productivity-boosting, error-preventing platform.


SkanIt Software Research Edition, that is free with purchase of a Thermo Scientific plate reader, and the optional SkanIt Software Drug Discovery Edition that enables compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

The all-in-one plate reader control and analysis software.

Key benefits

Easy-to-use plate reader software

Logical software structure reduces the need for training and makes it easy to create a new protocol adapted to different experimental condition. The ability to merge data is helpful in a variety of assay types and improves data visualization on graphs. Easy file access allows users to save files anywhere- desktop, network drive, USB, cloud based storage, etc., and intuitive search from “Open” within SkanIt Software is friendly for handling files. 

Helps prevent errors

SkanIt Software helps prevent errors through the various measures. Prompts to rename experiments prevent mix-up/loss of data, and measurement data within executed session is never lost, unless the file is intentionally deleted by the user (allows you to simply try different steps and “play” within the software as you design your experiments). The special Drug Discovery Edition uses a database for measurement data security and has features that enable compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, like digital signatures, user login with Windows authentication and complete audit trails.

Helps increase productivity

SkanIt Software helps increase productivity through its high processing speed and the ability to analyze your data on a different computer than the main lab computer. The software features royalty-free license software, easily accessible data, extensive analysis tools for many common workflows, and automatic data loading into custom-defined Microsoft Excel templates.


The SkanIt Software offers:

Easy file-based user experience

With our standard Research Edition, simply double click SkanIt files to open them in SkanIt software—a similar experience to opening any Microsoft Office file. SkanIt software files can be freely stored wherever one likes, local hard drives, network drives or any cloud service. SkanIt software files have as well full security/integrity control preventing all intentional/unintentional tampering of the data content.

SkanIt Cloud Library

SkanIt Cloud Library is a collection of validated sessions—protocols that have analysis steps with real data and calculations—within Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software, which controls all Thermo Scientific microplate readers.

Extended data analysis

Besides traditional standard curve analysis, you can perform parallel line analysis and dose response. For kinetic data, you can perform vast selection kinetic analysis, including enzyme kinetics calculating Km and Vmax.

Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Allows users to set up fluorescence assays quickly and easily using the Fluorescence SpectraViewer tool.


Sample images

Innovative Virtual Pipetting Tool assists in defining samples within the plate layout.
The logical structure of the session tree is the main interface of SkanIt Software for Thermo Scientific microplate readers.
Relative potency calculation of two common antiviral drugs using Parallel Line Assay.
SkanIt software Enzyme Kinetics calculation tool calculates enzyme kinetic parameters Km and Vmax from the kinetic measurement data set.

PC requirements

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.