Microplate Reader Accessories

Increase the capabilities of your microplate reader instrument.

Explore various accessories to increase the performance of your microplate reader instrument including verification plates, filters, and µDrop and µDrop Duo Plates.

Microplate reader verification plates

Thermo Scientific Microplate Reader Verification Plates are dedicated performance verification systems helping to verify and document the key performance parameters of Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC, Multiskan SkyHigh, and Varioskan LUX.

Microplate reader filters and other accessories

The Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate reader is equipped with a flexible range of measurement technologies including Absorbance, Fluorescence Intensity, Luminescence, Alpha, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence. A wide range of accessories are available including adaptors, dispensers and upgrades, are available to support specific applications. See the complete list of accessories for the Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Reader

Emission filters

Extend your applications with a wide range of optional filters to support and extend your microplate applications. Click the appropriate link to see the optional filters for your instrument:  Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Readers, and Multiskan FC Microplate Readers

µDrop and µDrop Duo Plates

Thermo Scientific μDrop and μDrop Duo Plates are ideal tools for quick and easy photometric low-volume (2–10 μl) concentration measurements of DNA, RNA, protein samples, or spectral scanning. The low volume area is designed to be used with 8-channel pipette for fast and accurate multiple sample pipetting. The plates also contain a separate area for cuvette measurement. µDrop Plates are compatible with Thermo Scientific Varioskan LUX, Multiskan Sky and Multiskan SkyHigh microplate readers. The intuitive Thermo Scientific SkanIt software and Multiskan SkyHigh user interface offer ready-made measurement protocols for quick sample measurement and analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.