PCR ready designation

Consumables and supplies fit for the rigors of PCR-based science

Look for the Thermo Scientific PCR ready designation for your PCR based studies and get increased confidence in your results. Due to the delicate nature of Polymerase Chain Reaction processes and typical limitations of sample material, the lab consumables and supplies you use must be free of RNase, DNase, Human DNA and PCR inhibitors to avoid destruction of your sample material, interfering with the PCR process or otherwise negatively affecting your results.  Our products that are designated PCR ready have been rigorously tested using PCR and nuclease assays and found to be free of the named critical contaminants in accordance with ISO 9001 and 13485 standards.   

To receive the PCR ready designation, products must meet the following criteria:

Human DNA free
 RNase free
DNase free
 PCR inhibitor free

Additional criteria met:

✓ Made from high quality resins and raw materials
✓ Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and 13485 standards
✓ Low wetting for accurate liquid measurements
✓ High chemical resistance for durability in most routine lab work
✓ High thermal resistance for stability under wide range of temperatures
✓ High centrifugation stability*
✓ High transparency for good visual sample monitoring*
✓ Precisely shaped for outstanding function and critical measurements

*For applicable products only

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Thermo Scientific PCR ready products are recommended for use with the following application areas and techniques:

Application areas

→ Agriculture and aquaculture research
→ Environmental monitoring
→ Food and beverage quality control
→ Medical research
→ Molecular biology
→ Water quality control


→ DNA analysis (PCR, restriction analysis, hybridization, sequencing, NGS)
→ Isolation and storage of RNA
→ Isolation and storage of DNA
→ Mitochondrial DNA analysis
→ RNA analysis

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