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TaqMan Fast Virus 1-Step master mixes are designed for reliable, highly sensitive real-time RT-PCR even in the presence of common reaction inhibitors. These master mixes have been formulated to enhance virus detection for commonly used sample types. A single-tube format allows for uniform handling and processing of both RNA and DNA viruses while two formulation options (with and without ROX dye) enable ultimate multiplexing flexibility.

  • High sensitivity—one-tube, one-step 4X master mix to amplify both RNA and DNA with high sensitivity
  • Consistent results—formulated to handle common RT-PCR inhibitors found in blood, stool, and other difficult samples
  • Simplified application—single run profile with RNA and DNA, on any supported instrument, allows for easy mix-and-match of targets on a plate
  • Target flexibility—works in singleplex, multiplex, and with exogenous or endogenous internal controls
  • Multiplexing—the formulation without ROX reference dye enables even more flexibility for multiplexing up to four targets in a single reaction well
  • High efficiency—increased qRT-PCR speed on fast and standard instruments

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