Next-generation sequencing (NGS) cancer research provides deep insights into the disease to enable more personalized medicine. Discover how NGS is being used to enable biomarker discovery and to understand what drives cancer. Learn more about new applications, such as measuring microsatellite instability (MSI) and methylation detection to potentially improve patient outcome.


NGS Basics for Cancer Research

From a single sample, NGS analysis can reveal a rich molecular profile of genetic alterations. Learn about the different methods and sample considerations to enable your cancer research.


What is microsatellite instability (MSI)?

Microsatellite instability analysis is a crucial tool in cancer research and immuno-oncology. Discover how NGS can be used to measure tumor mutation load and its advantages.


DNA Methylation in Cancer Research

DNA methylation is an epigenetic process altering gene expression without changing the DNA sequence. Discover how DNA methylation can be used as a biomarker for many diseases.