Passaging pluripotent stem cells

Pluripotent stem cell passaging or dissociating can be accomplished using various methods depending on your culture medium and application. Whether you prefer to passage your cell enzymatically or manually, Gibco media has the solution for your PSC subculture.

Which passaging method is right for you?

 Recommended for clump passaging in feeder and feeder-free culturesStandard reagent for clump passaging in feeder and feeder-free culturesQuick and gentle dissociation, recommended for single cell passagingRecommended for clump passaging with feeder-free Essential 8 MediumOptimal for clinical research applications that require human origin materials onlyQuick and easy manual passaging tool for feeder and feeder-free cultures
Product nameDispase Collagenase IV Accutase UltraPure 0.5M EDTA TrypLE Select CTSStemPro EZPassage Disposable Stem Cell Passaging Tool
Recommended applicationsPassaging in clumpsPassaging in clumpsDissociation to single cellsPassaging in clumpsPassaging in clumps or single cell passagingMechanical passaging in clumps
Source originBacillus polymyxaClostridium histolyticumMarineChemical animal-origin freeRecombinant enzyme animal-origin freeNot applicable
FormLyophilized powderLyophilized powderLiquid, ready to useLiquid, dilute 1,000xLiquid, ready to useIndividually wrapped
Storage temperature2–8°C2–8°C2–8°CRoom temperatureRoom temperatureRoom temperature
Shelf life of liquid format2 weeks2 weeks2 years2 years2 yearsNot applicable
Inactivation methodInhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Not applicable
Unit size5 g1 g100 mL4 x 100 mL100 mLBox of 10 units
Optimized concentration for use2 mg/mL1 mg/mL for feeder-dependent, 10 mg/mL for feeder-free1X Solution0.5 mM1X SolutionNot applicable
Number of plates passaged/unit1,250 x 60-mm plates500 x 60-mm plates at 1 mg/mL, 50 x 60-mm plates at 10 mg/mL50 x 60-mm plates50,000 x 60-mm plates50 x 60-mm plates10 plates

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