Extend your research arm

Drug discovery researchers today are in a difficult position. They are asked to continue their efforts in finding and validating a drug candidate with fewer resources. Our assay development service will extend your company’s research by utilizing our dedicated team of experts to provide a custom biochemical, cell-based or Luminex® assay solution.

Partner with the experts

The biochemical and cell-based assay development service is made up of a dedicated team of experts that have access to a large toolbox of biochemical and cell-based assay solutions. The team, including a dedicated project manager, will work with you to design the project to best meet your research needs. 

Custom Assay Development Platforms

For more information, call 800.955.6288 x2, or e-mail custom.services@lifetech.com.   A project manager will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

Simplify Your Workflow

Find a package solution that meets your needs.