RNA and DNA isolation kits designed to produce high yields of total RNA (Table 1) or DNA from cells or tissues

  • Obtain high RNA yields with the most trusted and widely cited TRIzol RNA reagent
  • Achieve midiprep capacity in a convenient miniprep format with the PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit
  • Rapid 10-minute protocol helps provide high-quality PCR-ready gDNA, even from small samples with the Dynabeads DNA DIRECT™ Kit

DNA/RNA Purification Technologies

PureLink technology combines nontoxic lysis with the speed, purity, and ease of use of silica-membrane column RNA purification. The safe and easy RNA purification procedure can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and high-quality total RNA can be obtained from mini- to midiprep amounts of starting material with no genomic DNA contamination. The PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit provides rapid column based purification of total RNA from a wide range of cell and tissue types.

The Dynabeads DNA DIRECT Universal protocol consists of only a few steps of pipetting and magnetic separation, with all operations performed in a single tube. Contaminating PCR inhibitors are eliminated without any centrifugation steps or use of phenol/chloroform. The kit is particularly useful for isolation of DNA from bacteria and cultured cells, small samples, as well as from clinical specimens and tissues from various species. Protocols have also been developed for fully automated use on liquid handling robots.

The PureLink Genomic DNA Mini Kit and PureLink Pro 96 Genomic DNA Kit enable high-yield, high-purity DNA extractions from a wide variety of sample types, including blood, tissues, cells, bacteria, swabs, and blood spots, in a familiar silica spin column or semi-skirted 96-well plate format. A large range of sample sizes can be used with the PureLink Genomic DNA Kits.

TRIzol Plus RNA Purification SystemPhenol/chloroform, silica spin column
  • Integrates sample lysis with TRIzol® Reagent and spin-column RNA purification 
  • Offers an unmatched 1,000 μg binding capacity in a miniprep format
  • Eliminates time-consuming isopropanol precipitation
  • Industry-recommended protocol for gene expression analysis
PureLink RNA Mini Kit and Pro 96 Total RNA Purification KitSilica spin column
  • High binding capacity (1,000 μg)
  • Easy to use, familiar, 20-minute protocol
  • Scalable - only 1 kit needed for all sample sizes

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.