Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators Excited with UV Light—Section 19.2

  • Fura-2, Indo-1 and Related Derivatives
  • Quin-2
  • Indicators with Intermediate Calcium-Binding Affinity
  • Low-Affinity Calcium Indicators

Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators Excited with Visible Light—Section 19.3

  • Fluo-3, Fluo-4, Rhod-2 and Related Derivatives
  • Lower-Affinity Calcium Indicators Based on Fluo-3 and Rhod-2
  • Calcium Green, Calcium Orange and Calcium Crimson Indicators
  • Oregon Green 488 BAPTA Indicators
  • Fura Red Indicator
  • Calcein

Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicator Conjugates—Section 19.4

  • Fura Dextran
  • Visible Light–Excitable Calcium Indicator Dextrans

Protein-Based Ca2+ Indicators—Section 19.5

  • Premo Cameleon Calcium Sensor
  • Aequorin: A Bioluminescent Calcium Sensor

Fluorescent Mg2+ Indicators—Section 19.6

  • Magnesium Indicators Excited by UV Light
  • Magnesium Indicators Excited by Visible Light

Fluorescent Indicators for Zn2+ and Other Metal Ions—Section 19.7

  • Applications of Ca2+ and Mg2+ Indicators for Detection of Zn2+ and Other Metals
  • Indicators for Zinc
  • Indicators for Copper
  • Indicators for Iron
  • Indicators for Lead, Cadmium and Mercury
  • Indicators for Nickel and Cobalt
  • Indicators for Aluminum
  • Indicators for Lanthanides