Introduction to Crosslinking and Photoactivatable Reagents—Section 5.1

  • Chemical and Photoreactive Crosslinkers
  • Photoactivatable (Caged) Probes

Chemical Crosslinking Reagents—Section 5.2

  • Thiolation of Biomolecules
  • Thiol–Thiol Crosslinking
  • Amine–Amine Crosslinking
  • Amine–Thiol Crosslinking
  • Amine–Carboxylic Acid Crosslinking
  • Crosslinking Amines to Acrylamide Polymers

Photoactivatable Reagents, Including Photoreactive Crosslinkers and Caged Probes—Section 5.3

  • Nonfluorescent Photoreactive Crosslinking Reagents
  • Other Photoreactive Reagents
  • Caged Probes and Their Photolysis
  • Caged Fluorescent Dyes
  • Caging Carboxylic Acids with DMNPE

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