Introduction to Avidin–Biotin and Antibody–Hapten Techniques—Section 4.1

  • Avidin–Biotin and Antibody–Hapten Techniques and Their Applications
  • Modified Avidin and Biotin

Biotinylation and Haptenylation Reagents—Section 4.2

  • Biotin and Biotinylation Reagents
  • Convenient Kits for Biotinylating Proteins
  • Biotin Quantitation Assay Kits
  • Haptenylation Reagents

Biotin and Desthiobiotin Conjugates—Section 4.3

  • Fluorescent Biotin Derivatives
  • Biotinylated Dextrans
  • Biotinylated and DSB-X Biotin–Labeled Proteins
  • Biotinylated Microspheres
  • Biotinylated Qdot Nanocrystals
  • Biotinylated Nucleotides
  • Biotinylated Site-Selective Probes
  • Biotinylated Lipids

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