How do I request a new shipping address?

1. Sign in, click on Account, Profile.
2. Under Shipping & billing click on Add a new address.
3. Enter your new shipping address in the new address request form. You also can select from any billing addresses that already are associated to your online account.

*Please use a valid company or institution address. We are unable to ship to apartments, P.O. boxes, or personal addresses.

You also can request a new address during checkout by following the same process outlined above. However, you should only do so if you want to ship your items to an address that’s not associated with your online account at the time of checkout. If you do choose to add a new shipping address during checkout, your order will be placed on hold pending approval. This may take up to 2 business days.

If needed, you can Add a New Billing Address. Selecting this option will expand the form so you can enter the new billing address. When you are done, click Save to refresh the page. Your new address will show a Pending status. New address requests must go through a review process that may take up to 2 business days. Once approved, the Pending status will disappear and a new account number will be reflected.

*Note: May not be applicable in all Countries