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Automation of SOLiD® Workflow
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Life Technologies is committed to simplifying sequencing through continuous improvements and automation of the most labor intensive steps in the SOLiD® System/5500 Series workflow.These solutions enable you to optimize your resources and further accelerate your research. AB Library Builder ™ System streamlines purification of nucleic acid and construction of DNA and RNA fragment libraries. The modular SOLiD® EZ Bead™ System allows you to automate preparation of template beads for sequencing on the SOLiD® System/5500 Series Genetic Analyzers. For those seeking high throughput automation solutions, there is a collection of protocols developed for liquid handling XYZ robotic platforms.

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AB Library Builder™ System
The AB Library Builder™ System is a unique, low to medium throughput, solution that simplifies construction of DNA and RNA fragment libraries by automating the most labor intensive steps.
 SOLiD® EZ Bead™ System
The SOLiD® EZ Bead™ System provides an automated solution for reproducible templated bead preparation in less than 1 hour of hands-on time.
Liquid Handler Protocols
For a variety of high throughput XYZ robotic platforms or liquid handlers.