Syringe Filters

Eliminate particles and microorganisms from your sample — reliably

Prevent the accumulation of fine particles that can block your chromatography column. Thermo Scientific Titan3 and Target2 Syringe Filters remove interfering materials, fine particles, and microorganisms, providing you with cleaner sample extracts. These high-quality robust sample filtration solutions are available in a variety of syringe filter sizes, membranes, and housings for a wide range of samples and applications.

Titan3 and Target2 syringe filters

Syringe filter Use for
Titan3 Nylon Target2 Nylon
  • General laboratory filtration
  • Filtration for most HPLC samples
Titan3 PTFE (Hydrophobic) Target2 PTFE
  • Filtration of aggressive organic, highly basic, or hot solutions, transducer protectors
  • Filtering aqueous solutions after prewetting with an alcohol
Titan3 PVDF Target2 PVDF
  • General biological filtration
  • Filtration of samples where high protein recovery is desired
Titan3 Regenerated Cellulose Target2 Regenerated Cellulose
  • Low non-specific binding applications
  • Tissue culture media and general biological sample filtration
Titan3 PES (Polyethersulfone) Target2 PES (Polyethersulfone)
  • Ion chromatography
  • Tissue culture, proteins, and nucleic acids filtration
  • High-temperature liquids
Titan3 GMF (Glass Microfiber) Target2 GMF (Glass Microfiber)
  • Dissolution testing
  • General filtration
Titan3 Polypropylene Target2 Polypropylene
  • Filtration of biological samples
  • Filtration of aggressive organic solutions
Titan3 Cellulose Acetate Target2 Cellulose Acetate
  • Tissue culture media filtration, sensitive biological samples

What is the difference between Titan3 and Target2 syringe filters?

Both Titan3 and Target2 provide:

  • High-quality filtration solutions
  • Low extractable membranes and housing
  • HPLC performance tested
  • Plain polypropylene housing
  • 30mm products pressure rated to 100 psi
  • Enhanced Luer Lock inlet which provides secure attachment to syringes
  • Range of filter sizes from 4mm to 30mm
  • Low hold-up volume allows for the treatment of small sample volumes with minimal sample loss

Titan3 is the premium brand that provides:

  • Even higher levels of confidence from stronger housing that prevents leakage and bursting
  • 30mm products pressure rated to 120 psi
  • Most 30mm devices are provided with a 1mm boro silicate glass pre-filter (delivering increased filtrate volumes)
  • Color coding for easy identification and selection of the correct membrane and pore size