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Protein microarrays

Purified and arrayed under native conditions

The ProtoArray Human Protein Microarray is a high-density microarray that contains thousands of unique, full-length human proteins, including kinases, phophatases, GPCRs, nuclear receptors, and proteases, spotted in duplicate on a 1 inch x 3 inch thin nitrocellulose coated glass slide. ProtoArray human protein microarray contains over 9,000 unique human proteins individually purified and arrayed under native conditions to maximize functionality.

The microarray includes control ProtoArray Human Protein Microarray proteins in each sub-array to facilitate supported applications. Additionally, data analysis software, ProtoArray Prospector, is freely available for examining the results from your experiments.

  • Obtain results in little as one day
  • Identify biomarkers with a little as 10 µL of serum
  • Simple protocols to profile over 9,000 proteins with a variety of samples
  • Identifying novel protein biomarkers specific for disease states, including transplantation, cancers, and autoimmune diseases
  • Discover and identify drug target pathways
  • Profile antibody specificity for research and therapeutic antibody development
  • Map protein-protein interactions important to biochemical pathways

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Which biomarker profiling tool is right for your experiments?

Profile immune responses to over 9,000 proteins in a day

Outsource biomarker discovery to our PhD staffed service lab

Custom immune response assays developed and conducted for your autoantibody targets

ProtoArray Human Protein Microarrays

ProtoArray Custom Services

ProtoPlex Immune Response Assay Service
Assay targets > 9,000 full length human proteins per array > 9,000 full length human proteins per array 10 to 80 custom proteins per experiment
Number of samples 1 per array 10 to 200+ per project 90 per plate
Protein targets  Broad Proteome Content  Broad Proteome Content Customer Selected Content
Turnaround time 1 day 4 to 6 weeks 10 to 12 weeks
Protein expression system Insect Insect Any
Data analysis tool ProtoArray Prospector Data analysis, raw data, and report provided  Data analysis, raw data, and report provided
Capital equipment required Microarray Scanner None None
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Profiling applications with ProtoArray Protein Microarrays

We offer a variety of application-specific protein microarray profiling services. Identify the profiling service you need and request more information or a quote from our Custom Services team.

Discover helpful technical resources such as ProtoArray Protein Microarray application notes, manuals, and literature, as well as information on compatible scanners and software.



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