Specifications for the Ion Proton™ Sequencer
工作环境 (仅供室内使用) Temperature: 68-77° F (20-25° C)
Humidity: 40-60%, noncondensing
Altitude: <6,500英尺 (2,000 m)
后方12英寸 (30.5 cm)
左侧4英寸 (10 cm)
右侧4英寸 (10cm)
从工作台边缘到测序仪前盖4英寸 (10 cm)
工作台前方有36英寸 (90 cm) 通道供操作员操作
Optional rack mounting with two Ion Proton™ Sequencers per rack
Gas Supply Connection: 0.25英寸快插式接头
压力: 30 psi
组分: nitrogen (grade 4.8, 99.998% or better)
其它连接 以太网: 1 GigE
USB: 2x USB 2.0
电源 电压: 100 V (最小值) 至240 V (最大值)
电流: 14 A (最大值)
频率: 50/60 Hz
Power Draw: 1,350 W
尺寸 宽度: 21.3英寸/54.2 cm
深: 30.5英寸/77.5 cm
高: 18.7英寸/47.4 cm
重量 运输装箱: 200磅/90.7 kg
独立式: 130磅/59 kg
仪器计算硬件 处理器: Dual 8-core Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge
Memory: 128 GB RAM
FPGA: Dual Altera Stratix V
GPU processor: 1 x NVIDIA Tesla C2075
Storage: 11 TB (SSD and HDD)
Operating system: Ubuntu 11:10
Proton™ Torrent服务器规格*
产品配置 A single free standing tower computer appliance, included with the purchase of the Ion Proton™ System. 包括Torrent Suite软件及提供信号处理、碱基检测、读数校准和变异体检测需要的所有软件组件。
处理器 双8核 2.9 GHz CPU
存储器 128 GB RAM
GPU处理器 2x NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
存储 (约) 27 TB (sufficient for storage of >50 Ion PI™ Chip runs)
操作系统 Ubuntu 10.04
尺寸 (约) 宽度: 8.5 in/21.8 cm
Depth: 28 in/71.4 cm
Height: 17英寸/43 cm
重量 (约) 120磅/55 kg
电源 电压: 100 V (min) to 240 V (max)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Current: 12 A (max)
Power Draw: 1,100 W


Ion Proton™ System performance specifications with Ion PI™ Chip
通量 Up to 10 Gb
(Note: The Ion PII™ Chip* will be available about six months after the Ion PI™ Chip. Ion PII™ Chip* will enable sample-to-variant analysis of a human genome in a single day, at up to 20x coverage.)
读取长度 高达200碱基片段读数
Number of reads passing filter 60-80 million reads passing filter
测序运行时间 2-4 小时
主要应用 Human-scale genome sequencing ChIP sequencing

Whole transcriptome sequencingExome sequencing
Methylation analysisGene expression by sequencing
Small genome sequencingDe novo sequencing
Small RNA sequencingGene sequencing
感兴趣的领域 Agricultural research Stem cell research
Cancer research Epigenomics Ancient DNA genomics
Forensic scienceMetagenomics
Barcoding solutions 384 barcodes supported by Torrent Suite Software
96 off-the-shelf barcodes for DNA
16 off-the-shelf barcodes for RNA

Torrent Suite 软件采用了Torrent浏览器,包括TMAP校准和Torrent变异体检测程序,用于生殖细胞系或体细胞突变检测。

Torrent浏览器 (仪器中已包括) 允许用户通过远程网络访问仪器状态监控、运行质量报告、单个数据文件以及用于应用特异性分析的可扩展插件。

Plugins available for download from the Torrent Browser Plugin Store for analysis of genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, variant analysis and annotation, microbial sequencing, transfer to 3rd party bioinformatics packages, and more.

Data can optionally flow into Ion Reporter™ Software for controlled analysis, annotation, and reporting of variants. Ion Reporter™ Software provides application specific workflows to support single, trio and paired tumor normal analysis

数据格式 Industry standard FASTQ, SFF, BAM and VCF format outputs

†Space-saving rack can be purchased for the Ion Proton™ System. Contact your sales representative for details.

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