Advantage Over Microarrays

Unlike microarrays, which interrogate only known transcripts, RNA-seq detects both known and novel coding and noncoding RNAs using a hypothesis-neutral discovery approach.

Whether you are undertaking whole transcriptome expression analysis or are interested in targeted small RNAs, the 5500xl Genetic Analyzer offers many options, all supported by simplified and robust library preparation kits, protocols, and analysis tools.

Why the 5500xl Genetic Analyzer?

  • Pay-per-lane sequencing—Sequence one, a few, or all lanes on the FlowChip. If you don’t have enough RNA samples for a full run, do a partial run without paying a reagent penalty.
  • Barcoding—Save run time and reagent costs by multiplexing multiple libraries per lane.
  • Endogenous controls—Calculate fold change, lower limits of detection, and dynamic range with confidence using ERCC Spike-In Control Mixes.
  • Read number—High numbers of uniquely mapping reads enable accurate estimates of relative transcript abundance throughout a range of detection typically greater than that of traditional microarrays. The dynamic range also scales with increased sequencing depth.
  • Accuracy—Ultra-deep sequencing capability combined with the industry’s leading high accuracy of 2-base color coding, plus Exact Call Chemistry (ECC, enables detection of rare transcripts and transcript variants at levels below one copy per cell).
  • Library—Simple, fast, and robust library preparation kits for whole transcriptome, small RNA, and digital gene expression that support versatile sample inputs (including FFPE) starting with as little as 5 ng.
  • Analysis—Simplified data analysis, capturing the directionality of transcription and gene orientation and facilitating detection of opposing and overlapping transcripts.



SOLiD Total RNA-Seq Kit

  • Detect known and novel RNA molecules
  • Maintain strand specificity
  • Detect coding and noncoding RNA
  • Detect fold change and dynamic range confidently with ERCC control RNAs
  • Detect exons, alternative splicing, fusion transcripts, and mutations
  • High sensitivity to detect low-abundance transcripts
  • Start with as little as 5 ng RNA
  • Simple, robust 2-day protocol for library construction
  • Multiplex multiple samples per lane



SOLiD Total RNA-Seq Kit

  • Detect all small RNAs, both known and novel
  • Maintain strand specificity
  • Interrogate low expression levels from a limited quantity of total RNA (10-fold less than other commercially available kits)
  • Simple, highly optimized protocol for library construction
  • Multiplex up to 96 samples per lane




SOLiD SAGE™ Kit with Barcode Adaptor Module

  • Limited data for analysis required by focusing on 3’ transcripts
  • Greater mappability using the included SOLiD SAGE™ software package
  • Compatible with SOLiD RNA Barcodes for multiplexing


仅供研究使用。 不得用于任何动物或人类的治疗或诊断。