The AB Library Builder™ System simplifies next-generation sequencing by providing an automated library preparation solution for the SOLiD® 4 System, 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers, Ion PGM™ Sequencer and Ion Proton™ Sequencer.

The system enables higher library throughput while reducing the hands-on time needed to prepare libraries for various applications such as exome, whole transcriptome and targeted resequencing.

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Figure 1. Automated library preparation saves time and increases throughput. Hands-on and total time needed to prepare either 8 or 13 libraries manually versus using the AB Library Builder™ System is shown. Our tests show a >50% reduction in hands-on time for construction of most libraries.
  • Automated - reduces hands-on time more than 50% compared to the manual workflow.
  • Scalable - prepares up to 13 libraries per run, up to 39 libraries per day.
  • Integrated - plug-and-play reagents and push-button protocol.
  • Flexible - single instrument for both library preparation and for sample extraction (using iPrep™ Kits)

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.