See the most in your sample

See the most in your sample

What’s the best fit for your application? You have a wide array of LC detectors for the Thermo Scientific Vanquish and UltiMate 3000 HPLC and UHPLC systems to choose from. Different flavors of optical detectors are available: UV-Vis absorption, fluorescence & refractive index. For UV-Vis absorption detectors, pH and conductivity monitoring can be added as an option. For sensitive, selective detection of oxidizable compounds, nothing beats electrochemical detection. Our charged aerosol detectors provide sensitive, universal detection with a near uniform response.

Browse our complete portfolio below, or let one of our experts help you tailor a selection specific to your application and workflow needs.

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Featured LC detector categories

These detectors provide sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response. They measure a wide range of analytes including pharmaceuticals, biomolecules, foods and beverages, specialty chemicals, and polymers.

Variable wavelength detectors combine strong linearity and trace detection capabilities and are well suited for routine use.

Ideal for biopharmaceutical analysis, the monitor is used in combination with diode array, multiple wavelength, or variable wavelength detectors for obtaining accurate online pH and conductivity measurements in HPLC applications.

RI detection is a cost-effective solution for the analysis of sugars, polymers, surfactants and other compounds that do not contain a chromphore.

These detectors are ideal for  obtaining sensitive and selective measurement of compounds in complex matrices, such as neurotransmitters, pharmaceutical or clinical diagnostics, that undergo oxidation or reduction.  

Our charged aerosol detectors provide excellent stoichiometric information across all components. Get sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response. 

These detectors provide maximum stray light suppression for unrivaled detection sensitivity, allowing you to develop highly selective methods with sensitivities three to six orders of magnitude greater than UV detection.

With the ability to switch between nano, capillary, and micro flow rates without tools, these detectors maximize sensitivity by alllowing you to obtain accurate gradients at the lowest nano flow rates. 

Need quality HPLC pump parts?
Need quality HPLC pump parts?

Get reliable performance and productivity with quality parts and accessories designed for your HPLC/UHPLC pump.

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