Confident quantitation with triple quadrupole LC-MS systems

From addressing complexities of molecules and matrices, to ensuring ease-of-use while satisfying regulatory requirements—today’s challenges in targeted quantitation involve more than just measuring concentrations of target analytes. Achieve ultimate confidence in your data quality with a robust, sensitive, reproducible, and reliable targeted quantitation method using our new liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC/MS) workflow solutions. Our TSQ Triple Quadrupole MS systems also come with a Three Year Factory Warranty so you can gain peace of mind.

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TSQ Altis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

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TSQ Quantis Triple Quadrupole
Mass Spectrometer

Everyday quantitation workhorse to meet today’s standards

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TSQ Fortis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

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Triple quadrupole LC-MS system product comparison

Different applications require different levels of system sensitivity, resolution, and speed. In this table, we compare different TSQ triple quadrupole systems in order to showcase which ones are most relevant to your laboratory's needs. For more information on these systems, click on our Smartnote: Transitioning to Confident Quantitation – in search of a better tomorrow

Triple Quad Product Comparison Fortis Quantis
Sensitivity +++ ++++ +++++
Resolution ++ ++ +++
Scan Speed ++++ ++++ ++++
Applications across multiple matrices
Targeted quantitation in Proteomics No Yes Yes
Peptide and protein quantitation (Biopharma) No Yes Yes
Small molecule quantitation (Pharma, Clinical Research) Yes Yes Yes
Small molecule mixture quantitation (Environmental Safety, Food Safety, Forensic Toxicology, Pharma) Yes Yes Yes
Analysis and targeted quantitation of trace impurities (Impurity Quantitation) Yes Yes Yes
Targeted quantitation in Omics (metabolomics, lipidomics) Yes Yes Yes
Critical Features
SRM for reliable identification Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Source Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
High Resolution SRM: for increased selectivity and sensitivity for analytes or multiple analytes in complex matrices ++ ++ +++
Segmented quadrupoles for increased ion efficiency Yes Yes Yes
Neutral blocker for increased robustness Yes Yes Yes
Increased dynodes in detector for increased lifetime and better linear dynamic range Yes Yes Yes
APCI compatible with HESI source Yes Yes Yes
Polarity Switching: Fast switching with stabilization enable faster quantitation assays for every molecule type Yes Yes Yes
System Remote Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Instrument IQ/OQ assist Yes Yes Yes
Thermo Fisher Cloud: Access, process, review data whenever you like, from wherever you are No Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Access your data, Check your assay performance remotely Yes Yes Yes
Size 27x30x33 (in) 27x30x33 (in) 27x30x33 (in)
IVD Platform No No No
Compatible separation technologies UltiMate, Vanquish, Multiplexing, Capillary LC, Other vendors UltiMate, Vanquish, Other vendors, IC, Multiplexing, Capillary LC, NanoLC UltiMate, Vanquish, Other vendors, IC, Multiplexing, Capillary LC, NanoLC
Compatible Software? Xcalibur, TraceFinder, Chromeleon Xcalibur, TraceFinder, Chromeleon Xcalibur, TraceFinder, Chromeleon
Library availability Yes Yes Yes

Common applications of triple quadrupole technology

To perform quantitation assays with confidence, you need a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) workflow solution that is relevant to your laboratory’s goals. These workflow solutions are adapted to specific applications, including clinical research, environmental and food safety, forensic toxicology, and pharma/biopharma.

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