Sensitive, universal detection

Charged Aerosol Detectors: Sensitive, universal detection

The charged aerosol detector (CAD) measures a wide range of analytes in the areas of pharmaceuticals (large and small molecule), biomolecules, foods and beverages, specialty chemicals, and polymers. The flexibility and performance of CADs makes them ideal for analytical R&D, while the detectors' simplicity and reproducibility benefit manufacturing QC/QA applications.

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HPLC and UHPLC charged aerosol detectors

For use with capillary, microbore, and normal-bore columns to take advantage of ever advancing column technologies. The Corona Veo CAD is designed to integrate into any LC, HPLC, or UHPLC system from any manufacturer.

Utilize the increased separation speed and resolution of the Vanquish UHPLC system to detect and quantify virtually any substance using the near-universal detection capabilities of the Vanquish CAD.

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