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Empower your environmental analyses with modern analytical solutions

Environmental analysis is increasingly challenging because regulations have become more stringent requiring complex data analysis and reporting processes from sample to results. Thermo Fisher Scientific constantly innovates to produce modern instruments with lower detection limits, and better sensitivity and selectivity. With these analytical solutions, users are empowered to follow required regulatory methods and meet compliance with greater ease.

The webinars and podcasts below are invaluable resources for environmental analysts. You will hear from experienced customers and Thermo Fisher Scientific experts as they review modern analytical solutions and share their experiences.

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Discrete Analysis Rapid Photometric Detection for Environmental Applications Webinar
LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, IC-MS/MS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS Environmental Analysis Summit: Highlights from experts on hot topics and modern analytical techniques Videos, presentations, posters
GC-MS Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds Using GC and GC-MS:Meeting the Challenge of Protecting the 981-Mile Ohio River Webinar
GC-MS Fully Automated GC-MS/MS Analysis of Environmental Contaminants in Surface Waters: A Recipe for Lower Cost in Your Lab - Webcast Webinar
LC-MS Analyzing Emerging Contaminants - Microcystins and the Challenge of the Unknown Webinar
LC-MS From Sample to Knowledge: Strategies for Overcoming Challenges of Emerging Contaminants - PFC and Surfactants Webinar
LC-MS Impact assessment of environmental samples for organic contaminants using untargeted / targeted analysis workflow Webinar
GC-MS Analysis of Long - Chain Hydrocarbons and VOCs in Soil by GC-MS Webinar
GC-MS Instrument Demands on Routine Lab Analysis of VOCs in Soil Using EPA Regulated Methods Webinar
GC-MS Maximizing Return for Routine Environmental Analysis, Part 1: Updating Outdated SVOC Instrumentation Webinar
GC-MS Maximizing Return for Routine Environmental Analysis, Part 2: Overcoming Challenges in VOC Analysis with Updated Technology Webinar
ICP-MS Trace Element Analysis Using ICP-MS for Environmental Samples
Part I: Regulations and Routine Monitoring
ICP-MS Trace Element Analysis Using ICP-MS for Environmental Samples
Part II: Meeting Routine Monitoring and Research Challenges
GC-MS single quadrupole How I Optimized My Solid Waste SVOC Analysis with a GC-MS Workflow Podcast
ICP-MS From 2 Weeks to 2 Days: Automation Plus Speed Powers ICP-MS for Productivity Podcast
Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) Faster Environmental Sample Analysis with Accelerated Solvent Extraction Podcast
Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometry (IRIS) Chasing Greenhouse Gases at Our Doorstep: Isotopes as a Tool to Identify Urban Carbon Dioxide Sources Podcast
Orbitrap GC-MS Analysis of Emerging Contaminants Series, Part 1: Identification of Iodinated Disinfection Byproducts by GC-MS/MS Webinar
Orbitrap LC-MS Analysis of Emerging Contaminants Series, Part 2: Emerging Contaminant Studies in Environmental Biotechnology Using High Resolution LC-MS Webinar
Chromeleon CDS Software Efficient Analytical Workflows, Part 2: Chromatography Data Management Tools Webinar

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