Pesticide residue testing is necessary to ensure food safety and compliance with regulated maximum residue levels (MRLs) and tolerances. ​With the active ingredients used in pesticides expanding and varying in both volatility and polarity, laboratories face increasing challenges and growing sample numbers, with the need to utilize LC-, GC- and IC-, MS/MS for their quantitative analysis. ​

These demands often result in lengthy and error-prone data management and review processes, but with Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) you can take advantage of a single software solution. With features and tools designed to simplify data processing and ensure your lab is up and running with lower training and maintenance efforts, you can deliver more reliable results all while in accordance to SANTE guidelines.

Coupled with our broad range of innovative chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments, we have a solution for you. Learn more below or let one of our experts help you tailor a solution specific to your workflow, laboratory, or business needs.​

What are users saying?
"Faster evaluation of data with Chromeleon on the TSQ 9610 generates a higher sample throughput with a time saving of 10% to 20% per sample run."

- Eurofins SOFIA GmbH

Increase confidence in results

Dual sequence processing capabilities enable you to easily merge data, providing orthogonal cross-confirmation of identity and supporting compliance to SANTE analytical control criteria.

in one window to speed up data processing, ensure accurate results, and reduce the number of re-injections and risk of misreporting.

Reduce your training workload

Minimize training overhead through features designed to simplify data processing and ensure easy user adoption.

Declutter the studio to see only needed tools with customizable   Analysts are guided step-by-step through the data review process to ensure standard operating procedures are followed with a  

Improve productivity 

Accelerate analytical turnaround times with of MS/MS data files and improved data caching.

Analyze even more samples with software that efficiently handles hundreds or even thousands of components, XICs and injections. Benefit from a shorter time to final results through the unblocked user interface during reprocessing and report generation.

Spend less time on data review

As you process ever-larger numbers of pesticides, take advantage of flexible and customizable functionality, with the ability to  based on any custom condition. Designed to help you minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency, you can reduce the time and tedious nature of data processing and easily identify any out-of-specification results to enable focused review.

Eliminate data transfer errors

Create custom reports that fit your business needs with comprehensive built-in reporting capabilities. Remove the need to export data out of your CDS to carry out calculations. With an easy-to-customize, 64-bit Excel-style reporting module you can render large reports, with charting, conditional formatting, and data aggregation capabilities.

Single enterprise solution

A wide variety of instruments are utilized in pesticide analysis. You can streamline administrative oversight with secure central management of data, methods, and chromatography and MS instruments. Ensure continuous performance and benefit from remote access with a single compliance-ready enterprise (client/server) environment


Ardia Platform

Super-charge Chromeleon CDS with the Ardia Platform

With a growing number of pesticides and samples to analyze, pesticide residue testing laboratories can harness the power of Ardia Server-side processing for even faster MS/MS data handling speeds, enabling you to process more samples in less time and reduce the risk of delayed results. 

And it's not just time spent on data processing that you can save, the Ardia Platform connects and organizes projects, people, and instruments with an easy-to-use interface and web-based access. With the built-in instrument scheduler and digital instrument log book, you can enable higher instrument utilization to maximize return on investment and easily keep all of your instruments managed. 

Designed for scientists running chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis see how much more your laboratory can achieve with the Ardia Platform. 

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GC-MS/MS Systems

Deliver ultimate performance while consistently producing trusted quantitative results with the Thermo Scientific TSQ 9610 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS System. With user-centric Thermo Scientific NeverVent technology, extended-life detector, and intelligent software you can eliminate unnecessary downtime to maximize your sample throughput and ROI.

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Automated data review by compound cross-confirmation

See how a combination of a CDS and LC/GC triple-quadrupole mass spectrometers enhance productivity, increase confidence in results and compliance with regulatory criteria.

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Utilizing CDS in a Zero Pesticide Residue project

Discover how you can improve the quantitation of pesticide residues, meeting the Zero Pesticide labelling criteria, by reducing matrix effects and improving extraction efficiency.

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