Environmental hormones act as endocrine disruptors, potentially upsetting development and other important functions in humans and aquatic species. Hormones have been increasingly found in environmental and drinking water systems. Regulatory agencies have responded by requiring that these compounds be monitored.

The new Thermo Scientific™ LC-MS Hormone Testing Kit for Water is part of our commitment to making the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Designed especially for the Thermo Scientific Ultimate™ 3000/TSQ Vantage™ LC-MS/MS system, this kit includes everything you need for the detection of hormones in drinking water according to EPA Method 539.

LC-MS hormone testing kit components

Complete kit descriptionPart numberQty
Thermo Scientific complete hormones application kitTS-MKIT0011S1

Hormones application kits can be ordered in complete kits or by individual consumable. For replacement parts, please contact your salesperson.

Total application-specific LC-MS solution includes:

  • SPE disks, LC column, and vials bundled at a competitive price
  • Thermo Scientific Accucore C18, 150 x 3mm, 2.6μm LC column x 1
  • Thermo Scientific MS Certified 2mL amber ID vials (100/Pk.) x 1
  • Empore disks, C18 (20/Pk.) x 3
  • Verified Thermo Scientific TraceFinder LC/MS/MS instrument methods
  • Detailed sample preparation and analysis protocol to drastically reduce method development time

LC-MS hormone testing kit achieves EPA detection limits

CompoundLOD (ng/L)

Achieved detection limits
Hormones / EPA 539

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