Realize practical LC-MS for your clinical and forensic toxicology lab

Realize practical LC-MS for your clinical and forensic toxicology lab

Double or even quadruple your productivity and simplify your workflows with automated online sample preparation and multichannel LC systems from Thermo Scientific. These systems offer highly selective and sensitive analysis of multiple and complex samples while negating the need for time-consuming protocol creation, data analysis and costly reagents.

LC-MS webinar series

LC-MS webinar series

Expand your application knowledge

Our LC-MS on-demand webinar series expands your application knowledge for pharma, biopharma, environmental, omics, food, forensics and clinical research and more. Learn how the latest high-performance mass spectrometry solutions can enable your laboratory to solve your most pressing analytical challenges, regardless of sample type. 

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Speed up and simplify online sample clean-up, high performance chromatographic separation and mass spectrometric analysis of complex samples with the Thermo Scientific Prelude SPLC Sample Preparation and Liquid Chromatography System. The Prelude SPLC system has two separate LC channels that can be operated in parallel or serial modes and channeled serially into a single mass spectrometer, such as the Thermo Scientific TSQ Triple Quadrupole Endura.

Browse our complete portfolio below, or let one of our experts help you tailor a selection specific to your application and workflow needs.

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Claudio De Nardi, Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses Orbitrap HRAM TurboFlow LC-MS for measuring large panels of analytes with minimal run time.