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Petrochemicals are organic compounds or chemicals from petroleum developed by crude oil and natural gas. Based on chemical composition or structure, petrochemicals can be divided into three groups: olefins, aromatics and synthesis gas. Petrochemical derivatives are used in the automotive, textile, construction, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and consumer goods industries.

As a leading manufacturer in petrochemical analysis, we offer a full range of instruments and solutions to precisely analyze the quality of petrochemical products. See how our solutions meet standards and regulations in petrochemical analysis – from exploration, production, and refining to petrochemical additives, lubricants and catalysts.

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TechniqueAsset TypeAsset Title
EDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Liquid Hazardous Waste Fuels per ASTM D5839
EDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Automotive Catalytic Converter to Determine Precious Metal Content
EDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Liquid Hazardous Waste Fuels with EDXRF
EDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Lubricant Additive Elements Under Ambient Air 
EDXRFApplication NoteDetermination of Sulfur in Petroleum and Petroleum Products According ASTM D4294
EDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Wear Metals in Oil Under Ambient Air with EDXRF
WDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Total Chlorine in Oil with ARL PERFORM'X
WDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Oils with the ARL PERFORM’X 4200 Advanced WDXRF Spectrometer
WDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Low Sulfur in Fuels According to ASTM D 2622-08
WDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Unused Lubricating Oils Per ASTM D4927 and ASTM D6443
WDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Zinc Coating on Steel Plate with WDXRF 
WDXRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Oils with ARL OPTIM’X WDXRF Simultaneous-Sequential Spectrometer
WDXRFApplication NoteElemental Analysis of Heavy Residual Fuel Oil
XRFApplication NoteChlorine Analysis in Fuel Oils with XRF
XRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Lubricant Additive Elements Per ASTM D 4927 By X-Ray Fluorescence
XRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Ni and V in Diesel Fuel Oils with thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM’X Series Advanced X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers
XRFApplication NoteAnalysis of Pb in Gasoline According to ASTM D5059