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Absorbance- and fluorescence-based nucleic acid quantification methods each have their own advantages. The choice of which to use depends on your upstream and downstream procedures, but whatever your requirements, there is a Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ instrument for you.

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NanoDrop 2000c

NanoDrop 3300
How does it work? Absorbance of UV-Visible light Fluorescence
What is the usable concentration range?  0.4–15,000 nanograms/μL 0.05–2,000 picograms/μL
Can it detect contaminants? Yes: spectral data and purity ratios indicate sample purity No: quantification only
Can I selectively measure dsDNA/ssDNA/RNA even when the others are present? No: measures the total absorbance of the sample Yes: assays are selective for dsDNA/ssDNA/RNA
Which is faster? No specific sample preparation needed. Measurement takes 5 seconds. Requires reagent preparation and mixing with samples and measurement of standards.
Do I need a standard curve? No Yes
NanoDrop - Absorbance

NanoDrop products use a patented sample retention technology that allow UV-Vis measurements to be made from 1µL of sample with no cuvettes or dilutions. The NanoDrop family of products began with the popular NanoDrop 1000 Spectrophotometer, which made absorbance measurements fast and easy. The NanoDrop 2000 and NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometers are the next generation models of micro-volume UV-Vis spectrophotometers continuing the legacy of simple and accurate quantitation. The NanoDrop 8000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer uses the same technology but also allows scientists to take absorbance measurements of up to 8 samples at one time. Visit the NanoDrop Products Guide for more information about UV-Vis instruments.


NanoDrop products combined extensive expertise in micro-volume instrumentation and understanding of fluorescence applications to develop an innovative fluorospectrometer. The NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer utilizes a patented sample retention system to deliver fast and easy fluorescence measurements.

NanoDrop - Fluorescence

All NanoDrop instruments utilize a patented* sample retention system that allows the quantification of DNA and RNA from 1–2µL samples. *Patents US6628382 and US6809826.