Flow Cytometry Guided Learning

This collection features guided learning experiences to help you navigate through the basics of flow cytometry-related topics. Some guided learning experiences are interactive and video-based (eLearning) while others are html experiences. All are self-paced and available at no cost to you.

Featured courses

T cell stimulation and proliferation eLearning course

This modular, animated, and narrated eLearning course was developed to provide a succinct, contextual summary of T cell activation and the methods used to measure T cell function. There are knowledge checks throughout the course as well as a practical application session to test what you have learned.

Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence–Flow Cytometry Basics

Learn how a flow cytometer works including the fluidics, optics and electronics. This is a free resource to help you get started with flow cytometry, which can be a complex and challenging application.

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