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Introducing a combination of next-level spectral flow cytometry technologies that offer a superior level of elegance and empowerment. With NovaFluor and Brilliant Ultra Violet™ conjugated antibodies, beads, LIVE/DEAD reagents, and the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter, you can run complex panels and get rich, reproducible results up to 10–100 times faster than with any other technology available. By leveraging spectral flow cytometry technology, you can push the boundaries of your research.

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The innovative Invitrogen Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter is now part of the Thermo Fisher Scientific product family, designed for high performance, flexibility, safety, and scalability to meet laboratory needs today and in the future

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Spectral Flow Cytometry Panel Builder

Choosing the optimal combination of fluorochromes can be simplified with a guided method. The Invitrogen Flow Panel Builder offers a customizable panel building process to fit your flow cytometry experimental needs, whatever your experience level.

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Spectral flow cytometry educational content

Click on each of the robust education articles below to learn more about spectral flow cytometry. Topics include the workflow differences between conventional and spectral methods, panel design, control and sample preparation, panel evaluation, and data analysis. If you are considering transitioning from conventional to spectral flow cytometry this is a great place to start.

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