Flow Cytometry Assays and Reagents

Designed specifically for flow cytometry

We offer flow cytometry assays and reagents that span a broad range of research applications and areas including cell health and function assays as well as RNA detection assays.

Immunophenotyping kits

The Invitrogen eBioscience essential phenotyping kits are pre-assembled multicolor panels designed to detect immune cells by flow cytometry.


Fluorescent detection of β-galactosidase hydrolysis by flow cytometry.

Cell counting assays

Find tools for cell concentration and absolute counting, as well as distinguishing and quantitating live and dead bacteria.

Apoptosis assays

Cell death cascades are complex and dynamic, underscoring the importance of a multi-parametric approach to apoptosis detection.

Cell proliferation assays

Measuring cell proliferation is a fundamental method for assessing cell health and cell division.

Cell cycle assays

We offer a series of fluorescent reagents designed for accurate cell cycle analysis in either live- or fixed-cell populations.

Microbiology assays

Assess key metabolic processes and monitor bacteria/yeast growth, proliferation, and vitality.

Cell viability assays

Distinguishing dead cells and removing artifacts in your assay is a critical step to help ensure accurate results.

RNA assays

Simultaneous detection of RNA and proteins by flow cytometry using the PrimeFlow RNA Assay. Combine the PrimeFlow assay with immunolabeling of both cell-surface and intracellular proteins.

Oxidative stress assays

Measure generalized oxidative stress in cells with fluorogenic probes, using conventional fluorescence microscopy, high-content screening, microplate fluorometry, or flow cytometry.

Ready-to-use flow cytometry reagents

Invitrogen Ready Flow reagents are room temperature-stable, ready-to-use solutions designed to allow you to stain your cells for analysis by flow cytometry.


Flow Cytometry Learning Center—Access flow cytometry educational resources for better experiment planning and execution.

Flow Cytometry Panel Builder—Design your flow cytometry panel with this online tool for a simplified, customizable experience to fit your needs.

5 Steps Resources


Flow Cytometry Support Center—Find technical support recommendations for your flow cytometry workflows, including tips for experimental setup and in-depth troubleshooting help.

Flow Cytometry Protocols

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