The pinnacle of automated purification for DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells

Building on decades of Thermo Fisher KingFisher value and excellence, we’ve combined unparalleled instrument capabilities with complete touchscreen and user control to deliver unrivaled flexibility and performance. Sample prep can be simple.

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Touchscreen control

A modern touchscreen display and an intuitive interface puts you in control of operating the instrument.

  • Easily edit or write protocols directly on the instrument. 
  • Customize protocols at every step—bind, wash, elute
  • Option to work from your PC with BindIx software
  • Rely on guided visuals for easy plate loading, protocol changes, and instrument set-up
  • Instrument-defined limits reduce errors in any protocol modifications
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Enhanced performance


Achieve peak performance for purifying DNA, RNA, Proteins, or Cells. We combined the trustworthy KingFisher performance with even greater flexibility, so you get faster and reproducible results with (almost) any application.

  • Elute in lower volumes for demanding downstream applications
  • Purify 24 or 96 samples in 25-65 min
  • Control heating and cooling to maintain sample integrity
  • Elute in storage tubes and revisit samples later
  • Safeguard against contamination with 2 UV lights

Dual magnets and multiple formats

Install two magnets and heating blocks. KingFisher Apex intelligently selects the correct magnetic head based on your protocol needs. Work from large to small volume ranges by choosing from 24-well, 96-well, or PCR formats with corresponding magnetic heads and plates.


Cloud and network connectivity


Connect Apex to the cloud for even greater access and control.

  • Conveniently save, transfer, or download protocols from (virtually) anywhere, using a cloud library, Local Area Network (LAN) file locations, USB, or even scan the barcode from kits
  • Generate run reports in PDF or XML format for ease of run tracking and LIMS incorporation

Barcoded and optimized plastics

Thought it was just a plastic plate? Think again. We’ve engineered our plastics to achieve optimal performance, reduce errors, and increase traceability.

  • Specialized tip combs and well design enable lower elution volumes, storage tube elution, and heating and cooling consistency
  • Lot-specific bar-codes confirm proper plate position during loading or may be used for lot tracking and documentation
Barcoded and optimized plastics

Multiple applications

Technical specifications

Processing volume by plate format 96 format:
  • Deep-well: 15-1,000 μl
  • KingFisher standard: 15-200 μl
  • PCR: 10-80 μl
24 format:
  • Deep-well: 30-5,000 μl
Storage tubes:
  • 96 tubes: 30-200 μl
  • 24 tubes: 200-1,000 μl
Customizable protocols Yes, created with instrument user interface or BindIx PC Software, which requires Windows 10 (version 1809 or higher)
Heating and cooling ranges Heating up to 100°C
Cooling down to 4°C
Ultraviolet light 2 UV lamps, max run time 23 h 59 min
Dimensions (H x W x D) 45 x 78 x 59 cm (18 x 31 x 79 in)
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Plate formats 96 deep-well plate, 96-well KingFisher standard plate, 96-well PCR plate (skirted and semiskirted)*, 24 deep-well plate, 96 storage tubes*, 24 storage tubes*
Instrument memory ~30GB
Display interface Graphical user interface with touch screen
Power 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 280 VA
Barcode reading On instrument; 1D barcodes
Magnetic head options 4 options, customer interchangeable
Data connectivity USB device for PC, USB Wi-Fi or LAN adapter for network, RS-232 for automation, cloud-enabled

* Recommended versions: Thermo Scientific Armadillo PCR plates (skirted: Cat. No. AB2396, semiskirted: Cat. No. AB2496). Thermo Scientific Nunc storage tubes (96 tubes: Cat. No. 374086, 24 tubes: Cat. No. 364323).