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From providing ultrapure water for labs to ensuring optimal water quality for wine making, clean water technologies are essential to a variety of industries.

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Electrochemistry drives powerful, precise measurement and analysis across many different industries and applications. From pH measurement in canned foods to dissolved oxygen in drinking water and everything in between, our electrochemisTREE will help you determine which tools are right for your unique applications. Explore the branches below and watch your analysis capabilities grow!

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What's in your water?

With our H20 Select program, we provide a free testing kit. You'll get everything you need to analyze your feed water before purchasing a lab water system. Check the water quality near you.


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Employees in the field

We're committed to clean water access—and our employees are, too. See how they're helping to ensure safe, healthy water in their communities.

Center of Water Excellence workders

Pierre is part of our Center of Water Excellence located in Chelmsford, Mass. Each September, he and his peers participate in the Groundwork Lawrence Spicket River Cleanup. This event brings together local youth, businesses and community leaders to maintain the local river and surrounding parks and river walk and create a safe, clean destination for everyone to enjoy.

Clean Water supporter

As a leader within her local Rotary Club, Nancy has supported the organization’s Clean Water initiatives. Rotary members travel to villages that do not have clean water for all and install Hydraid biosand water filters, educate the community on sanitation and good hygiene practices. 

Water volunteer

Sustaining engineer and father to two nurses whom volunteered to work in Haiti, Bob traveled to the island to visit his daughters. His visit turned into a happenstance when he met the director of Hospital Albert Schweitzer, located in Deschapelles, Haiti. 

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Your results are only as good as your fundamentals and nothing is as fundamentals as water.

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