Chemical traps

A necessity, not an accessory

Protect your lab from harmful chemical and radioactive emissions. Chemical traps are highly recommended to absorb residual volatile vapors that may bypass the primary cold trap. Replaceable cartridges install easily inside the trap for quick changes once the trap become saturated. Thermo Scientific dry chemical traps SCT120, are installed between the cold trap and the oil-filled high-vacuum pump to prevent pump damage. Thermo Scientific solution-based traps ANT100 and dry chemical traps are used on the exhaust of oil-free pumps to reduce emissions.

ImageDescriptionCatalog #
Chemical trap (order cartridges separately)
Chemical trap kit for radioactivity (includes trap & cartridge)DTK120R
Disposable cartridge for neutralizing acid (to be used with SCT120)
Disposable cartridge for trapping volatile radioactivity (to be used with SCT120)
Post trap assembly
 Acid Neutralizing Compound (acetic acid, to be used with ANT100 post trap)ANC100
 Ammonia-neutralizing solution for oligo preps; used on UVS850DDA only with ANT100 post trap)

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