FLPE Carboys

Nalgene fluorinated high density polyethylene carboys provide the durable physical properties of high density polyethylene with enhanced chemical compatibility with organic solvents. The fluorinated surface (inside and out) improves barrier properties and reduces solvent absorption while enhancing long-term container performance and prevents loss due to permeation. Spigoted carboy is not for use with flammable liquids.

For chemical compatibility ratings by specific chemical and application temperature, consult the   Nalgene Chemical Resistance Guide, or request a copy of the printed wall chart. Nalgene carboys are made only from high-quality laboratory-grade resin materials that comply with a number of regulatory specifications including: USP Class VI, EP monographs, EU food-contact directives, CONEG, RoHS, CA Prop 65, SARA Title III Sec. 313, and 21 CFR pt 177 for food contact. For regulatory claims  and certifications applicable to specific Nalgene carboys, please contact   Nalgene Regulatory Support.

For help selecting the Thermo Scientific Nalgene carboy that's perfect for your lab applications, use our online selection guide or for personal assistance, contact the   Nalgene technical support team.

Fluorinated Carboy (2097-series) Fluorinated Carboy with Spigot (DS2327-0020)
Storage for  solvents and other organic solutions  Space-efficient dispensing for non-flammable solvents and other organic solutions 
FLPE with white PP closure FLPE with white PP  closure and fluoropolymer spigot
Round Rectangular 
Milky white translucent, yellowish tint due to fluorination process Milky white translucent, yellowish tint due to fluorination process
10L (2.5ga) - 20L (5ga)  9L (2ga) - 20L (5ga) 
Narrow mouth Wide mouth
No drain Spigot
Leakproof* Leakproof*
Temp range -100°C to 120°C Temp range -100°C to 120°C
Not autoclavable Not autoclavable
Graduated in liters and gallons Graduated in liters and gallons
Molded-in shoulder handle Stainless steel handle
Complies with Part 21 CFR 177.1615 for food use1 Complies with Part 21 CFR 177.1615 for food use1
BPA-free BPA-free
Phthalate-free Phthalate-free

General chemical compatibility

  Narrow-Mouth Round Carboy with Spigot 
(2319-series, 8319-series APAC)
Narrow-Mouth Round Carboy (2250-series, 8250-series in APAC)
Acids, dilute or weak E E
Acids^ strong, concentrated G G
Alcohols, aliphatic E E
Aldehydes G G
Bases/alkali F F
Esters G G
Hydrocarbons, aliphatic E E
Hydrocarbons, aromatic E E
Hydrocarbons, halogenated  G G
Ketones, aromatic G G
Oxidizing agents, strong F F

For a more detailed chemical resistance guide by chemical and application temperature, please refer to   Chemical resistance guide or request a printed poster for your lab or contact Nalgene Technical Support.

 E  No damage after 30 days constant exposure at 20oC. 
 G  Little or no damage after 30 days constant exposure at 20oC.
 F  Some effect after 7 days constant exposure at 20oC.
 N  Not recommended. Immediate damage may occur.

1. HDPE and LDPE are acceptable for: Nonacid, aqueous products; may contain salt, sugar or both (pH above 5.0). Dairy products and modifications; oil-in-water emulsions, high or low fat. Moist bakery products with surface containing no free fat or oil. Dry solids with the surfaces containing no free fat or oil (no end-test required) and under all conditions as described in Table 2 of FDA Regulation 177.1520 except condition A - high temperature sterilization (e.g., over 100°C / 212°F)

*The term “leakproof” applies to Thermo Scientific Nalgene products that meet the following criteria: a) Bottle/flask/funnel closure systems with closures smaller than 100mm, after they are filled with water, inverted, withstand air pressure of 2psig for 2 minutes, and no water escapes;. b) Bottle/funnel/flask closure systems of larger than 100mm after they are filled with water, inverted for 15 minutes, and no water escapes. Note: these tests, using other liquids, may not yield the same results. To ensure safe usage, customers are advised to test Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles and closures under conditions of their planned applications. Thermo Scientific Nalgene products are leakproof at ambient temperature and pressure when used with their Nalgene closures.

^Except for oxidizing acids, see "Oxidizing acids, strong."

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