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Microarray technology enables the flexible throughput analysis of genotyping, chromosome copy number variations and gene expression. It can be applied to various applications such as predictive genomics, reproductive health and oncology research.


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Scientist Spotlight: Philip Empey, PharmD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Associate Director, Pitt/UPMC Institute of Precision Medicine

Learn how microarray technologies enable Philip Empey to perform broad based genotyping, to understand more about drug variability.

Scientist Spotlight: Ulrich Broeckel, MD, Founder and CEO of RPRD Diagnostics, LLC

Dr. Broeckel shares his vision for the future of pharmacogenetics and how its integration with precision medicine approaches can impact clinical care.

Timothy R. Rebbeck, PhD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

As leader of the MADCaP Network, Timothy Rebbeck uses custom Axiom Genotyping Solutions to address outcome disparities for prostate cancer.

Dr Mayur Parihar, Senior Consultant, Haematology and Cytogenetics, Tata Medical Center, Kolkata India

Dr Parihar is focused on characterizing the genomics of acute leukemias. In this video, he discusses the use of microarray technology and how it facilitates a deeper understanding of oncogenesis.

Solving the unsolved: CMA making difference in the era of NGS

Challenging case review series to highlight the unique position that CMA holds in prenatal and postnatal testing, providing resolution to otherwise unsolved clinical research questions. 

A comprehensive solution for analyzing karyotypes in hematological malignancies

High-resolution, whole-genome microarray analysis is becoming the standard for hematological cancer sample profiling and and may one day replace traditional cytogenetic techniques.  

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