Chromosomal abnormalities and genomic instability are some of the most important aberrations in hematologic malignancies. With 2.67 million markers for copy number analysis, CytoScan HD Suite is an assay designed to provide comprehensive coverage and the highest resolution so you do not miss important aberrations.

Fully maximize your hematological cancer sample profiling with a single assay that provides whole genome coverage to simultaneously detect copy number gains and losses, loss of heterozygosity (LOH), copy neutral loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH), low level mosaicism, ploidy, and sample heterogeneity.

On-demand webinar: Application of chromosomal microarray analysis in oncology

Chromosomal microarray (CMA) plays a significant role in oncology where whole‑genome sequencing or whole‑exome sequencing are not yet offered as routine tests, or when next‑generation sequencing (NGS) panels provide limited or inconclusive results.

In this webinar, Dr. Sukhanova demonstrates the utility of CMA combined with NGS assays to identify genetic aberrations associated with specific prognoses in different types of cancer.

Learning objectives include:

  • Learn how to investigate interesting oncology cases and findings
  • Gain working knowledge of the importance of CMA and how it plays a vital role in oncology testing
  • Discover the utility of CMA combined with NGS
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White Paper: CytoScan HD Suite: a comprehensive solution for analyzing karyotypes in hematological malignancies

Analysis of chromosomal aberrations plays an important role in the management of hematological cancers. In this white paper, learn how molecular karyotyping analysis by high-resolution microarray complements and may one day replace traditional cytogenetic techniques.

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The importance of copy number changes in hematological malignancies

Many reports have reviewed the importance of copy number variations (CNVs) as major cancer drivers in hematological malignancies. These findings have also shown that genome-wide copy number changes are the most informative somatic event for potential future prognostic and predictive biomarkers.

In these C-class hematological malignancies, somatic copy number variation assays are the ideal way to assess the quantity of a gene, looking for any deviations from constitutional state.

1. Kim TM, Xi R, Luquette LJ et al. (2013) Functional genomic analysis of chromosomal aberrations in a compendium of 8000 cancer genomes. Genome Res 23(2):217–227.  2. Zack TI, Schumacher SE, Carter SL et al. (2013) Pan-cancer patterns of somatic copy number alteration. Nat Genet 45(10):1134–1140.

CytoScan HD Suite provides:

  • Comprehensive coverage—whole-genome analysis of genes with established significance as well as those with emerging evidence thus helping to reduce future revalidation burden
  • High detection sensitivity—elucidate patterns of clonal diversity, heterogeneous samples, and structural inconsistencies in low-level mosaics
  • All-in-one assay—detect chromosomal arm aberrations, focal changes, LOH, cnLOH, and obtain sample identification with a single assay, reducing cost and processing time
  • Fast turnaround time—go from sample to answer, including data analysis, in just three days

Whole-genome copy number analysis made easy

CytoScan HD Suite provides data otherwise only obtained from four separate technologies.


Simple data analysis and reporting

Applied Biosystems Chromosomal Analysis Suite (ChAS) is a simple yet powerful analysis software enabling you to view and summarize genome-wide chromosomal aberration data from CytoScan HD Suite with just a few clicks.

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Now, with streamlined reporting through Oncomine Reporter, you can link gene variants to relevant labels, guidelines, and clinical trials to easily transfer your data into decisions.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.