Whether your profiling experiment requires ultimate sensitivity, broad coverage, or both, Megaplex™ Primer Pools and the matching TaqMan™ Array MicroRNA Cards or TaqMan OpenArray™ MicroRNA Panels provide extensive coverage of the Sanger miRBase registry and offer the flexibility to accomplish your research goals.

The highly streamlined workflow — coupled with the high specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range of TaqMan Assays — make this product solution ideal for miRNA profiling of human and rodent, especially when compared to microarrays.

With your choice of using Applied Biosystems™ 384-well or greater than 384-well real-time PCR instrumentation, you can select the workflow that best fits your miRNA profiling project needs.

Select Your Area of Interest:


TaqMan MicroRNA profiling using 384-well Real-time PCR instruments

For profiling studies across a small number of samples or limited sample material.


TaqMan MicroRNA profiling using greater than 384-well Real-time PCR instruments

Delivers the high throughput capabilities required for large profiling studies