miRNAs (microRNAs) are short (19–25 nucleotides in length), noncoding RNAs that post-transcriptionally regulate gene expression and control diverse biological processes.  miRNAs have significant promise as biomarkers for diseases, given their regulatory role in many cellular processes.  The inherent value of miRNA profiles in areas of translational research, infectious diseases, reproductive and genetic health, and biomarker discovery and tumor diagnostics has boomed over the past several years, in an attempt to seek out targeted therapies that will improve future health outcomes. 

Over half of the research activity analyzing microRNAs, including research using qPCR, focuses on cancer (based on research publications). The pie chart below is an illustration of common disease applications for miRNA research conducted using real-time PCR. 

Applied Biosystems TaqMan miRNA products provide extensive coverage of the Sanger miRBase registry and offer the flexibility to accomplish your research goals.  The streamlined workflow combined with ultra-high specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range of TaqMan Assays make these solutions an ideal choice for miRNA profiling from precious, limited samples such as FFPE and biofluids across a range of species.

Features include:

  • Universal reverse transcription (RT)—one streamlined RT step for all TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays with miRBase v22 coverage
  • Ultra-sensitive—detect as few as 60 copies of input miRNA
  • Highly specific—detect only mature miRNA and distinguish between highly homologous miRNAs
  • Small sample input—detect and quantify mature miRNA from as little as 1 pg of total RNA or 2 µL of plasma or serum

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Featured miRNA profiling solutions using real-time PCR

Comes in a 384-well microfluidic card format that enables accurate quantitation of 192 unique targets in as little as five hours.

Accurately quantitate 754 unique miRNAs in as little as five hours with the convenience of pre-spotted TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays in a 384-well microfluidic card.

Maximize throughput with minimal resources with a system that takes you from targeted discovery through confirmation and research screening, all on a single platform.

Selection guide: TaqMan miRNA assays for real-time PCR
 TaqMan MicroRNA AssaysTaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays
DescriptionEmploy a novel target-specific stem-loop primer during cDNA synthesis that produces a template for real-time PCREmploy a universal RT step for a streamlined workflow and a universal miR-Amp step
RT chemistrymiRNA-specific RTUniversal RT
ThroughputBest for 1–10 targetsBest for >10 targets
Coverage205 species available; coverage for miRBase v22All human, mouse, and rat miRNAs; coverage for miRBase v22
FormatsAvailable in individual tubes, TaqMan array cards and plates, and OpenArray formatsAvailable in individual tubes, TaqMan array cards and plates, and OpenArray formats; inquire for custom plating options

Flexible formats

TaqMan Advanced miRNA single-tube assays
Conserve limited samples; requires only 1–10 ng of total RNA or equivalent, and is ideal for a small number of assays


New TaqMan Advanced miRNA 96-well plates
Comprehensive—choose from a large collection of pre-plated, predesigned panels to pinpoint your specific target


New TaqMan Advanced miRNA array cards
Small reaction volumes and streamlined workflow enable profiling up to 754 miRNA targets from as little as 1 ng of total RNA


New TaqMan Advanced miRNA OpenArray plates
Run three samples per QuantStudio 12K Flex OpenArray Plate, translating up to 799 assays per sample (up to 752 unique assays)

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