Custom TaqMan Small RNA Assays use the first generation chemistry involving miRNA-specific stem loop primers to generate cDNA for the specific miRNA targets of interest. These assays allow for the analysis of any small RNA molecule. The novel adaptations in TaqMan Assay design developed for the study of miRNAs are ideal for analysis of any small nucleic acid less than 200 bases long, including newly discovered miRNAs, Piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), small nuclear RNA (snRNA), and small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA).

  • Flexible and convenient ordering: easy process with our secure Custom TaqMan Small RNA Assay Design Tool
  • Versatile application: use for the analysis of any small RNA from any species
  • Reliable outcome: pre-formulated assays are optimized to run under universal conditions
  • Powerful miRNA quantitation: the same sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility as predesigned TaqMan MicroRNA Assays

Looking to design a custom TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assay? Looking for a Custom TaqMan Small RNA Assay with a dye other than FAM?
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Sophisticated design pipeline

The miRPipe Small RNA Assay design pipeline is founded on our extensive background and bioinformatics expertise designing TaqMan Gene Expression Assays. To detect very small targets, it includes design features based on empirical data gathered over years of experiments. The resulting automated pipeline includes built-in flexibility features enabling design of assays for the broadest assortment of small RNA sequences. The benefits of TaqMan Assay technology is ideal for analysis of virtually any small RNA, providing results you can trust from the very first experiment.

Easy Ordering

First, bioinformatically qualify your sequence target for specificity and sequence quality then use the Custom TaqMan® Small RNA Assay Design Tool to input your sequence and submit it for assay design. This easy-to-use tool is a secure and confidential. If we are unable to design or manufacture an assay for your sequence target of interest, you will not be charged.

Order Custom TaqMan® Small RNA Assays


Custom TaqMan Small RNA AssaysNo. of RT/PCR reactionsCat. No.
Extra Small (XS)25/754440418
Small (S)50/1504398987
Medium (M)750/7504398988
Large (L)2,900/2,9004398989

Manuals & Protocols

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.